Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Last Knock

The very beginning of the engineering college and here comes five students of different five categories
Ram-he is of a poor category and highly talented in studies, and he is the 2nd topper in college entrance exam i.e. Common entrance exam he plays the prominent role on the story.
Rahul Sharma-He is from management side and a rich guy his father is an industrialist and gives much importance to friendship. He has no interest in studies he wants to take up his father’s business.
      The total story runs between them.
          Here begins the story....,,
It’s the very first day of the engineering college,
    Here comes the Rahul in a black Mercedes first he comes in front of the college and have a outlook of the college and directly goes towards the parking place.
  Now comes the ram with a cotton pant and a formal shirt with his hawai chappal he looks like a low status guy.
Now the orientation program has been started the first day ends in this way.
  On the very first day students were divided into groups and accordingly were requested to sit in their respective classes, now on the second day the  students were divided to groups Rahul, ram and the other three were added in same group now each of the students were asked to give introduction about  themselves and the students did. Ram speaks the actual truth about himself so Rahul likes him and helps him very much and the other three were show off so Rahul doesn’t like them so much. As  Rahul being a rich and lazy he started bunking the classes and never studied anything so he always copied everything in exams and this was known to the whole college but no one speaks about this ,soon he  falls in love with a girl due to which he starts disturbing the class and teachers and one day a dispute arises between Rahul and a lecturer so he  warns him and he is asked by the sir to pass the exam without copying in exam and the exam is only for him so now he has to face the challenge and now he seeks the help of his friend ram he makes a call to him in the odd late hour at 11o clock and seeks his help ram invites him to study.
          It’s raining heavily the intention of Rahul made him to travel towards ram’s house soon he takes his bike and rush to ram’s house in the heavy rain, now there’s a knock at the ram’s door he comes and sees and the person who knocked the door is Rahul he gives his towel and turns back with in no moment Rahul disappears as soon as he disappeared ram takes his umbrella and finds the way at the end of the street he finds a bike on the road and finds the dead body of the Rahul........................
                         Now who is the person who knocked ram’s door.............................?????????               
By: Akash garg

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