Monday, 24 February 2014

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Is scaring people out of their wits as scary as appearing for an examination ? A friendly ghost shares his ever spooky experience with GT. Read at your own risk.

Young ghost are not allowed to go the town alone, you see. I decided to choose the children's daycare down the alley as my terror-story. So in the dead of the night, I snooped out of the house and stole into the daycare.

As the dawn set in, I had everything set up with a number of scare – Electronic gadgets and was ready to have some terrifying fun with the kids. After a few hours, a bunch of kids came in. As they came near the door, it swung open all by itself making a creepy sound. They were surprise but, Alas! They didn’t seem scared. As they went to the reading room, a boy looked up at the books and decided to read the one on the top shelf. I flew to the book and dropped the book on the boy’s upturned head. Ouch! he said, I said to myself, Finally!

They will be screaming their heads off. But, the boy instead of shouting , exclaimed “Hey Guys! I guess the librarian has even installed a voice activated system or something."


Love is known to transcend barriers of nationality to bind humanity together.Here are how love gods are known in some countries.

Yue Lao: Known as the God of marriage and love in Chinese mythology, Yue Lao appears at night and unites couples with a silken cord.

Hathoris: She is an ancient Egyptian Goddess who personifies the principles of joys , feminine love and motherhood. Hathoris also increased the joy and music in Egypt.

Aphrodite: Popularly known as the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

Cupid: Known as Roman God of desire , love and affection , he is seen as the icon of love. This love God is shown shooting an arrow to inspire love.

Frigga: Frigga is considered the Goddess of fertility and marriage .

Parvati: The consort of Hindu God Shiva, Parvati is known as Goddess of love and devotion.


Who could have ever thought of life as a shopping spree at our favourite mall and its agonies and conflicts reflecting back at us in the trial room.

Trial rooms.

I hate trial rooms

I love shopping.

But I hate trial rooms.

Although trial rooms were invented exclusively to assit shopping,

I feel the two are contradictory !

We here are informed that, Not all the joys of the world are meant for everyone. So perhaps it’s better and wiser to appreciate what we have. Things often do not turn out as we expect them to. Relationships turn faulty, let us down and delicate glass of trust shatters. I wish there were trial rooms to try out everything in my real life too!

Redefining Love


When love is in the air there is no place for despair. In the lives of young and aging, it ushers tonnes of good cheer. To spread love, first love thyself, as you are the manifestation of God himself.

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