Friday, 10 January 2014


I heard the news and quickly headed towards the hospital. On my way to

the hospital I was just wondering those things that it happened so fast, so

quickly. Three years have gone so fast.

I still remember the day when I first saw her in the class. She was so

adorable that I almost got hit by the desk as I so busy looking at her. Yeah

I agree that from the first day of my class XI I had a crush on her. But never

had the guts to tell her and express my feelings. With passage of time we

became very good friends. Himani and I were both from a conservative

family where a boy can’t even hold a girl’s hand. Though in school there

was no one to see us. I started sitting with her in every class. We used to

discuss about studies, films, and various other events. We just loved each

other’s company.

“Himani I love you”, I said and then started laughing loudly. “I know that’s

a good joke”, I quickly said. “Himani I really love you a lot” I said and again

started laughing “that was a better joke than that isn’t it?”

She looked calm and said nothing. I have done this thing many a times

always waited for her answer especially her reaction, but she was calm

The teacher gave us the name of the authors whose books we have to

follow for our biology. Gupta & Gupta and the other one was R Goyal.

Me and she agreed to study from Gupta & Gupta as it was really full of

questions and good diagram.

I asked my father to buy that book but he said that we are short of money

this month and insisted me to buy it in the next month. But next month we

The next day I saw this new book on my table Himani has bought it. I

touched the book; I really loved the scent of a new book. “Did you also buy

it? This book is really amazing”, she said. I told her what my father said

about buying the book.

Suddenly she picked up the book n started tearing it from the center.

Before I could even think what was really happening, she handed me the

half book and said “You read the half and I’ll read the other and then we

can exchange it when we are finished reading our parts.’

She smiled at me. I was speechless, not even a single word escaped my

mouth. “Why do you have to tear your new book?” I said. “Oh c’mon can’t I

even do this for you? And moreover that’s just a book” she answered.

Two years passed away. I did well in my board examination and got myself

enrolled in a prestigious engineering college. But unfortunately Himani

couldn’t do well in her boards and hence she enrolled herself in a college

for the course B.A English hons.

Now someone else sits beside her in the class and I can’t do anything.

After getting admission in our colleges we barely talked to each other.

And today I got a phone call from my friend that she met with an accident

and died. I hurried towards the reception. “Miss Himani Arora?” i asked the

receptionist.” Sir, its room no. - 201”she replied.

I took the elevator. As the gates of the elevator opened I saw a huge crowd

of people. All of them were sad, and silent. I stood with the men’s group.

While I saw the women were crying and weeping. Tears didn’t roll my eyes;

I don’t know why I wasn’t crying. Is this because I was a man and no other

man was crying either? Or am I not supposed to because I am a man? Or

 Just to ignore the sad crowd I started counting the tiles on the floor. It was

216. I rechecked it and confirmed it. Then I saw some people were moving

I stepped inside the room. I saw her lying on the bed as silent as I have

never seen her before. Her face was pale and cold. I sat beside her and

saw many flowers kept on the table. I looked at her books that were kept on

the side rack. I checked the books and suddenly saw that half torn biology

book. I was surprised to see that book and many questions aroused in my

mind. “What is this doing her?” I asked myself.

I opened the book, turned the pages. And I stopped at the chapter “Animal

Physiology: Heart.” I heard something breaking. Was that my heart? As I

saw my name was written on the top of the chapter. And it reads” I love you

Sahil”. The whole page was full by this.

I hugged the book and broke down into tears. And I started crying like a

feeble child on the floor.
                                                                                        by: Indranil bisuri

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