Tuesday, 22 July 2014


 It all started in the 2010 world cup final. The name on the screen was Spain v/s Netherlands. The world eagerly waiting to embrace the new winner. The game went on very well two teams trying hard enough to score the goals. Nothing happened till half time. The match took a controversial turn when Arjen Robben was tackled by the Spanish defender. The referee didn’t reacted in any manner, and the crowd in the stadium went wild with anger. In the end a ball assisted by Fabergas to Inesta was the scoring goal by the Spanish. Cheer roared the stadium, people screaming in joy, celebrations all over. While on the other side sadness devoured Netherlands, tears and sorrow clasps every eye. They cried not because they lost but they tried so hard but still didn’t make it so far. But is it the end?

The wheel of time turns. Four years passed. Players retired while many new faces joined. Memories revived and so does the pain. Spain were the world champions but they have also won the Euro cup 2012. They were like invincible. The Dutch were calm they still have their star players like Persie, Robben, Sniejder in their team.
On 14th June 2014 both teams were in front against each other. Fans cheering their teams and with the sound of the whistle the match started and silence spread the stadium. The Spanish maintained the possession while the Dutch struggling to grab the bowl as theyhave waited forfour long years. In the 25 min of the game Spain earns a penalty and Xavi Alonso scores the goal. “It’s again the Spanish”, said the commentator. But is that so?

The match went on a miracle that shook the world was about to happen. In the 43 min Persie scores the flying header goal that gave him the name “The flying Dutchman”. A string of joy raced the veins of the Dutch people. Confidence and high spirit energised them as if they are hungry for more.

The half time whistle saved Spain. The real match begins now. The score is 1-1. This time it was Netherlands again in the 51 min, this time it was Arjen Robben.

The goals didn’t stopped right there it was followed by
Stefan de Vrij (65 Min) 3-1 to Netherlands;
 Robin van Persie (72 Min) 4-1 to Netherlands;
 Arjen Robben (80 Min) 5-1 to Netherlands.

And the Spanish thanked god that the game of football is just of 90 min. Iker Casillas literally cried holding the ball. Netherlands have taken their revenge. People rejoiced and thus it marked the starting of FIFA 14.

by Indranil Bisuri


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