Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Social freak…

This story is about three friends who were from different places and about the factor that brought sudden changes in their life and as well as friendship…

Keshav: He is from a middle class family and good at studies; he had good exposure to the internet world and social media and networking.

Shiv: He is from a poor family and very good at studies; he was studying on scholarship because his family was not able to pay for his higher studies and as well as he was not very aware about social media, internet and networking.

Rocky: He is from well to family, means very rich and happening family. We can guess that he must not be good at studies but he was a social freak, he didn't really had any real friend in this real world but his life was full of friends he found in his virtual  world.

On the very first day, three of them Keshav, shiv and rocky met each other. They were in same section and were the students of Engineering. In the first class of the day everybody were asked to give their introduction and everyone did the same. While giving the introduction Rocky found Keshav and Shiv very interesting guys and later visited them and asked both of them for being his friends, Keshav and Shiv both readily agreed and they became friends. Keshav and Rocky exchanged their contact numbers and link of social networking site to be in touch off the college and then, Rocky asked shiv for his contact number and Shiv simply replied that he did had phone. The first day went on just having introduction with each other.

Now classes started and studies were going on and on. Shiv and Keshav were very focused towards their studies and started preparing for the Mid-term exams. But rocky he was totally careless about the studies, he never attended the class properly and as a result he failed the mid-term exams were as Shiv topped the class and Keshav got good results.

Seeing his result Rocky got very disappointed and asked Shiv to help him in studies and shiv readily agreed. Keshav, Shiv and Rocky three of them started studying in a group and prepared for their final semester exams. They studied really hard, and to surprise Rocky comparatively got very good marks in his finals and as usual Shiv topped and Keshav got the average result.
Rocky was very happy about his result. Because rocky got good result his father gave him a laptop. But rocky was so happy from Shiv that he gifted that laptop to him but at first he denied to accept it and later after many requests from rocky he accepted it. But the problem was he didn't know how to use it. So, rocky taught him how to use laptop and also he taught him about social media and made Shiv’s account on Facebook.

Then, slowly Shiv started adding friends on Facebook and got more exposure to the virtual world. He starts indulging himself in chatting, commenting, uploading pictures and other stuffs. Slowly he got diverted from his actual path and started wasting most of his time on the internet and social networking sites. Soon there was a huge downfall in his studies and simultaneously he got departed from the real world and started ignoring Rocky and Keshav which created huge misunderstanding between them and finally their friendship broke and also his results went very bad. It was very late before he would realize it; he was now just left behind as a SOCIAL FREAK. Rocky and Keshav were also used to with the social media and networking but they controlled themselves and proceeded forward…

Akash garg

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